The Moonlandingz, Chris Packham, Laura Cannell, Jonny Trunk, The Queer Bible, the returning Nadine Shah and many more of our favourite people were with us for our second Quietus DAY OF RADIO.

Our second 12-hour marathon of live radio, 10am-10pm on Friday 8 December, was be produced in collaboration with the good people of Lush and broadcast from their sweetly fragranced studios in Soho.

Listen back to the whole day:

10am – Jonny Trunk’s Christmas

11am – Lush Present: The Record and Book Nook with Matt and Mira

12pm – Lush Present: The Gorilla Hour

1pm – The Quietus Hour

2pm – Away With The Birds with Laura Cannell, Chris Packham and Mark Constantine

3pm – The Moonlandingz

4pm – Grrrl Power Hour

5pm – Vegan Noise Terror with John Robb in conversation with Johnny Marr, Napalm Death and more

6pm – The Queer Bible with Jack Guinness

7pm – Jeanie Finlay

8pm – Tara Joshi and Anna Cafolla

9pm – Nadine Shah’s House Party